There are several options to download and install the most recent, stable release of PACMAN that is v0.4.0:

With pip & GitHub

You can install PACMAN using pip by entering the following line into a terminal:

conda create -n pacman python==3.9
conda activate pacman
pip install 'pacman@git+'

Directly from GitHub

1. You can also download from source on GitHub. There are two ways to do that:

  • On GitHub, you can either click on Code and Download ZIP followed by unpacking the distribution by opening up a terminal and typing:

  • Or clone the repository using git by typing:

git clone
  1. To install PACMAN as a package, go into the downloaded PACMAN directory (where setup.cfg is located) and type:

pip install -e .

Using pip (PyPI)

Not implemented yet. Might be added in the future…

Test your installation

To test if your installation was successful, navigate to your cloned PACMAN directory and type:

pip install -e .[test]

The [test] argument will also install the necessary dependencies to run pytest.

You can now run pytest by typing the following line while (from inside the PACMAN directory):

pytest tests/ -s

The optional -s flag will also output all print statements during the tests so that you can see what happens. The tests might take a few minutes (depending on your internet connection speed).

You have passed all tests if you get a message like this in the end:

=========== 12 passed, 197 warnings in 157.00s (0:02:37) ===========