Repository Structure

In the package


An example for a directory structure:

└── Desktop
        └── Projects
                └── Observations
                        └── Hubble
                                └── GJ1214_13021 (="run directory")
                                        ├── fit_par.txt
                                        └── obs_par.pcf
        └── Data
                └── GJ1214_Hubble13021 (="data directory")
                    ├── ibxy06d0q_ima.fits
                    ├── ...
                    └── ibxy07ryq_ima.fits
  • run directory:

    Example: /home/zieba/Desktop/Projects/Observations/Hubble/GJ1214_13021.


    You have to copy the contents of run_files into this directory.

    Contents to copy into the run directory:


    • obs_par.pcf

    • fit_par.txt

    If you pip-installed, downloaded or cloned the GitHub repository, you’ll find the run_files directory (with templates for these three files) in PACMAN/src/pacman/data/run_files. They can also be downloaded under this link: Download here. You have to copy these files into your run directory.


    The pcf file in the run directory is ONLY used in Stage 00.
    When running Stage 00, the pcf and fit_par files will be copied over to the work directory.
    The copied pcf file in the work directory will then be the pcf file for all following stages.
    The same is true for the fit_par.txt file.
    So, after running Stage 00, PACMAN does not care anymore about the changes made to the pcf file and the fit_par file in the run directory!
  • work directory:

    Example: /home/zieba/Desktop/Projects/Observations/Hubble/GJ1214_13021/run_2022-03-04_15-10-29_GJ1214_Hubble13021.

    This directory will be created in Stage 00. All the results of the following stages will be stored here.

    The name of the work directory is a combination of the following parts:

    run_” + “YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS_” + “eventlabel”

    So for example: run_2022-03-04_15-10-29_GJ1214_Hubble13021

    The eventlabel is chosen by the user when running Stage 00.

  • data directory:

    Example: /home/zieba/Desktop/Data/GJ1214_Hubble13021.

    This directory should contain the .fits files which will be reduced and analyzed.

  • pipeline directory:

    Example: /home/zieba/Desktop/Projects/Open_source/PACMAN/src

    This is the heart of PACMAN containing all the code and data to run the different stages.